Design by Invitation is an all-round Creative Graphic Design Studio, brimming over with creative juices. This Creative river of Graphic Design, Laser Cutting & Printing, Conceptual & Digital Design has been flowing for over 15 years, in a wide array of tributaries in the creative industry. The Design by Invitation Design & Production Teams are backed with a SAQA Certified N. High. Dip. in Visual Communication Design and years of practical, creative hands on experience. This means that we are a team of  actual Certified, Qualified Graphic Designers in a Creative Design & Production Studio – not just a couple of people that can work a computer.

Design by Invitation designs with PASSION and spunk to create and customise every design to your need – “designing as it is in your heart!” whether it’s your Wedding, Corporate Company or Event, Sport or School Functions that is screaming to come alive with innovative trend setting, creative ideas – we will Custom Design, Print, Laser Cut, Engrave and Produce to your complete satisfaction. 

With our hands on approach and personal touch throughout the Creative Process, we create and serve each client with superb attention to detail as we set the way for new trends and head-turning, lip-flapping ideas. We will dare to be different with exhilaration as we meet your creative dreams and expectations.

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